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Amazing Stories

Life on a factory farm is a life-sentence for the animals confined in them. These animals will never know what it is to have a full and meaningful life. Occasionally, though, stories of hope and survival emerge from the darkness of factory farms. Find out what a life free from suffering can be like for animals with these true stories of rescue and kindness.

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These three animals have three very different personalities. One gets worried when separated from her best friend; another likes nothing more than tummy scratches; while the third loves to simply stretch out by the fire place.

But for all their differences they also have much in common. Each was born into a factory farm facing a bleak future. Each found their way free of their confinement and was given a second chance at life. And each of them is clearly a someone, not a something.

Read their remarkable stories and hope that millions of other stories like these will one day be heard.


A brief but beautiful taste of freedom.


One pig's promise to tell the story of those left behind.


A survivor rescued from the rubbish pile.

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